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Consensus connects elected officials, business executives, and local leaders with their communities to make decisions.

Transparent. Verified. Instant.

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Lead effectively, whether
your community is local
or entirely remote.

Consensus equips you with intuitive survey and polling tools to quickly gather real-time information from your community. The Consensus Hub simplifies responsive governance of a town, state, local organization, or board of directors. And rest assured that you’re engaging the right individuals with Consensus’ identity verification features.
Gather community input

Ask a simple question. Share information on projects in your community and ask for public feedback. Real-time. Transparent.

Remote decision making

Because each user is uniquely verified, it doesn't matter where people are to make decisions. Trust that the results are secure and valid.

Share news with alerts

Need to share information quickly? Issue emergency warnings? Alerts are delivered instantly.

Gather real-time input from your community.

Consensus creates a streamlined connection between you and your people. It's a direct line to hear their voices, so you can take informed action.
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“Our citizens are able to share their feedback on current issues in our community, using their mobile phone. We can ask a question now and within minutes, we begin to see responses. And, it is real-time for both the citizens and us.”
Kevin Dorn
City Manager at South Burlington, VT
“The back-end platform is simple, easy-to-use, and allows me to push out information or a question in minutes. Because it is real-time and transparent, our citizens and City Council can see the results for themselves. I love having Consensus as a tool when I am gathering public input on a project or hot topic.”
Coralee Holm
Director of Community Engagement & Innovation

Your questions, answered.

How do I access Consensus?

We work with each government, organization, and business individually to ensure that Consensus is set up to meet your needs. Reach out to learn more.

How quickly can I see results?

Participants can respond immediately to a question or proposed vote. Results are available instantly to the community and the administrator.

I’d like to set up Consensus for my community. How quickly can I get started?

You can be up and running in days. Contact us to get started.

How do I roll out Consensus to my community?

Our team will work with you directly to develop a plan that ensures your community is online and onboard.

Can I use Consensus for remote voting?

If your charter or organization’s rules allow for it, yes!

Will my community’s data remain anonymous?

Yes, the platform provides secure and anonymous protection. Your identity is private. Each user controls how much information they share with their community members.

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