Empowering people
with collective intelligence

Smart Tools
for Public Surveying

The Consensus platform performs real time surveying by analyzing verified data gathered from people in relevant locations in tight feedback cycles in order to help private and public organizations interpret sentiment as it evolves.

We aim to make academic and market research cost efficient, transparent and reliable.

From e-Governance
to e-Participation

We help public organizations at all levels around the world to make the transition to online services, to simplify the interaction by gathering social opinion in real life and to analyze current trends. Forward thinking governments introduce modern tools for engagement to get instant feedback, perform data driven analysis and do what's best for the people they represent. Read more about efficient decision making with our government solutions.

Consensus App is Live

Consensus app is now in iTunes and Google Play available to people around the world for voting on the most pressing social and economic issues. If you are interested in launching your own surveys, please contact Consensus.
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Consensus.ai Launches Sentient Network

In late 2017, the Consensus Foundation announced plans to build a blockchain network that will accelerate the development of artificial intelligence.


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