Empowering governments
with collective intelligence


Smart Tools for Governments

Consensus AI uses the newest proven technologies to make governments more efficient, increase understanding between governments and citizens, and between citizens and each other.

Using signals gathered from citizens, either actively and passively, combined with available data sets, Consensus AI helps governments understand their citizens at a much deeper level.

This deep connection allows for very tight feedback cycles, a constant finger on the pulse of citizens as feelings and attitudes evolve, and predictive analytics to help governments understand where sentiment is headed.

Consensus AI uses proprietary
software to deliver the insights
you are looking for.

Application Layer

  • Data collection and browsing
  • User controlled data access
  • Engaged and informed users

Computation Layer

  • Decentralized federated learning layer
  • Secure multiparty computation layer
  • Predictive engines using state of the art AI technologies
Proprietary software

Data Layer

  • Secure storage access, transfer layers
  • Privacy by design
  • Regulatory compliance

Blockchain Layer

  • Transparency
  • Immutability
  • Financial layer

Making eGovernance a Reality

As governments at all levels around the world make the transition to electronic services, moving services online, and ultimately rolling out eIDs to simplify government-citizen interaction, it’s imperative governments use this transition to introduce modern tools for collaborative engagement between electorate and elected.

The world is getting increasingly complex, major decisions can no longer be boiled down to ‘yes’ or ‘no’. New tools are needed to dig into issues with data driven analysis so that representative bodies can confidently do what’s best for their citizens.

Digital Innovation Through Trust

Governments who have taken steps towards a digital transition are ideal partners as this is the perfect time introduce new tools for governance and new efficiencies from top to bottom. For countries or regions with an eID program in place the Consensus AI platform is largely turnkey.

We realize as a global society we are in the early stages of this transition, but if you are considering the shift, now is the time to talk.

As you make this transition and for years after, Consensus AI can help you understand your most important audience–the people that trusted you with leadership.


Learn more about Consensus, decentralized AI research, and the Sentient Network - all built with the vision to improve governance at all levels of organizational structures.



Oleg Gutsol

Oleg is a software developer, entrepreneur, former Head of Global Growth at Republic of Estonia e-Residency program. Prior to founding Consensus, Oleg was the founder and CEO of 500px, a photo distribution platform, powered by image recognition technology and machine learning algorithms.

Dustin Plett

Dustin is a seasoned leader in enterprise sales, business development, and strategy. He spent over 10 years building various technology businesses, most recently, 500px.com — the world’s premier social network for photographers, which he lead to acquisition by VCG in 2018.

Nuno Silva

Nuno has built global communities and managed technical teams for over two decades. He developed tools and protocols for processing enormous volumes of digital data and metadata for two of the world’s largest content licensing websites.

Research and Development

Jim Brink
Research Scientist

Jim has over 15 years experience architecting software platforms, at all levels from firmware to cloud. He co-developed the first PDF annotation and SSH apps for the iPhone in 2008. Previously, he was a software architect at security startup Determina (acquired by VMWare). Jim was admitted to the Math Ph.D. program at UC Berkeley, but left to pursue less structured areas of interest.

Steve Hockema
Research Scientist

Steve has over 25 years of industry and academic experience in related technical fields. He holds a joint Ph.D. in Computer and Cognitive Science from Indiana University and Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees in Computer and Electrical Engineering from Purdue University. His academic research was in the areas of Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, and Cognitive Modelling.

Julian Villella
Software Engineer

Julian has an extensive background in software engineering, machine learning, and team leadership. He has many projects under his belt from fields such as computer vision, robotics, and blockchain - having applied existing research to develop one of the first applications for atomically swapping Bitcoins across blockchains “pre-fork”, as well as the first Sentient mining pool.

Alexander Belonogov
Software Engineer

Alex brings over eight years experience in software development working with front and back-end systems. He brings technical leadership experience in the finance and human resource industries. Of note, Alex has extensive knowledge with data aggregation systems and has helped maintain large scale, high demand, online platforms.

Sergey Bystranovskiy
Software Engineer

Sergey is the connecting link between a designer's idea, developer's code and the end user. With more than a decade of technical experience, his portfolio shines with high-quality web projects, e-commerce platforms and online marketing experiences.

Artur Kasimov
Product Designer

Artur has over 15 years of experience in product design and project management. He has participated in the development of projects with an audience of more than 50 million monthly users. Artur’s projects include cartographic services, the largest taxi service in Europe, e-commerce platforms and entertainment services.


Kim Sopman

Kim brings 20 years of professional office and executive assistant experience and has dedicated her career to managing c-suite executives. As a dynamic, resourceful and trustworthy individual, she is known for being the go-to person for any task related to the seamless flow of an office.

Olga Melnikova

Olga previously worked at O2 Ventures helping fintech start ups with strategy, operations and financials. Before that she worked in IB division of JPMorgan, London and ran a marketplace start up, Pickapaw. She has a Master in Finance degree from IE, Madrid.

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